Since 2013, R&D Mediation proposes assistance in contract and project management for research & development or technological transformation projects. Our clients are entrepreneurs and businesses developing new products and services, or those engaged in advanced research projects.


Discover how technology may transform you business with our AI strategic roadmaps and R&D roadmaps


We help you to build prototypes to assess the techs capabilities and improve collaborators culture, including AI from scratch to production


We propose to contribute to your R&D projects from hourly based to long term ventures.

  • Opportunity analyses for new products/markets/technologies
  • Design and drawing-up of medium-term R&D plans
  • Assistance in drafting national and European calls for projects
  • Assistance in experimental design
  • Creation and implementation of technology intelligence information systems
  • Organisation and WBS for multi-partner R&D projects
  • Setting-up and coordination of public/private R&D projects
  • Technical and operational support for new entrepreneurs
  • Preparation and drafting of user requirements and technical specifications
  • Summary conferences on innovation and the impact of advancing technologies on the markets
  • Audit of failing development projects
  • Prototyping artificial intelligence solutions

Our clients

  • Industry 74% 74%
  • Services 26% 26%
  • Defence 30% 30%
  • SME 20% 20%
  • Private 95% 95%

AI Strategic roadmaps

Define and build your AI strategy from ambition to prototypes

R&D Roadmaps

Improve R&D culture in your company, create barrier to entry for competitors, added value for your customers

Opportunity analysis

R&D Mediation opportunity analysis assess the potential profits and venture of a technology in terms of impact on 360° business activity 

Prototype design

We think that it’s necessary to get quick prototypes in order to get culture and imagine opportunities. RDM developed  in 2015 the first prototype of alchemAI currently in production at Alysophil. What about your prototype?

We like to meet new people. Drop us a line.